Aasha School


Gadens Børn believes that education is the way forward and a basic human right, which should be accessible to all children. We focus on securing homeless children access to free education so they can develop tools and knowledge they can use later on in life.

We have learned from our social outreach efforts that many of the children dream of going to school. They see it as an opportunity to break the pattern and create a brighter future for themselves.

The school offers one daily vegetarian meal, adult contact and care, one monthly excursion and education that builds on caring relations at the school. Conversation and attention is sidelined with educational content since we believe that the basic conditions have to be in place before a focus on learning can be achieved.

Aasha School offers classes such as English, math, Hindi, general knowledge and computer. The goal is to prepare the children for the world they live in and their future. As well as making sure that they have at least one filling and nourishing meal a day.

All the teachers at the school have participated in small courses in pedagogy, didactics and learning-through-playing. This is taught by a Danish volunteer with an education in teaching and more than 10 years of experience from a Danish primary school.

We also organise campaigns, where we inform the children of their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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