Volunteer in Denmark

As a volunteer in Denmark your tasks and assignments are very versatile. Beneath you’ll find a list of some of the different tasks you could be working with in Denmark.


Activities in Denmark
  • Update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with stories and information from the projects
  • Write newsletters
  • Written communication
  • Arranging and participating in charity events
  • Seek out and establish new collaborative partnerships.
  • Develop campaigns and other events


As a volunteer you will be given a lot of responsibility and you will participate in setting the agenda. If you know a way for us to increase our visibility, or you know a new strategy to create and arrange campaigns or something totally different we will be more than happy to listen and become inspired by you. Gadens Boern is a very open-minded organization and we are always open to new creative initiatives and out of the box ideas.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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