Support through your will

Include Gadens Boern in your will
What does it means to include Gadens Boern in your will?

In order to include Gadens Boern in your will, you need to set up an endowment fund dedicated to Gadens Boern. Legal Desk can help you set up this endowment fund for Gadens Boern in your will and it will be completely up to you how much you wish to donate. It is important to mention that even though you set up an endowment fund for Gadens Boern, your heirs will still inherit according to the laws of inheritance.

Who is Legal Desk?

Legal Desk is an online company that brings the law down to a level that we can all understand. At Legal Desk you can easily create legal documents, such as your will online. Read more about Legal Desk here (only accessible in Danish).

How to proceed

If you want to support Gadens Boern through your will you can either set up an endowment fund in your will or you can set up a new will. It is simpel, fast and easy. The only thing you have to do is fill out the form (NB only in Danish) and you are good to go.

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