Vision and Mission


Gadens Boern fights for a better world, where all children have equal opportunities to experience a healthy and secure childhood. We work to improve the living conditions of vulnerable and homeless children by offering them access to education, health checks, love and care. It is our goal to provide the children with the right tools to create a better future for themselves.

Gadens Boern is an organisation independent of political and religious interests.


Gadens Boern is fighting to:

  • Provide homeless children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods the opportunity to break their social heritage.
  • Provide access to education for homeless children where they can explore and realise their own abilities, interests and skills.
  • Provide a worthy alternative to the streets in the shape of a permanent home with access to love, care, daily meals and health care.
  • Provide the children with the opportunity to build emotional relationships and obtain a feeling of safety and security.


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